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Connecting local people to local trades

Connecting local people to local trades professionals is the key purpose of our business. Each trade that advertises on our website has had strict background checks carried out and provided all the relevant documentation before they can become a member, allowing you to hire with confidence.

How Verified Trader works

There are two ways in which Verified Trader works.

1) Search – contact – hire and review

2) Post a job and we will distribute it to the trades in your local area for them to contact you

Search trade / location you require

Make sure you select the correct trade in the local area

Find a trades professional

Review & select trades people. Contact to arrange an estimate

Get quotes

Get around three quotes to compare

Appoint your chosen contractor

Appoint your preferred contractor to commence the works

Rate and review

Job done - leave feedback

Spread the word

Share the good news. Tell friends and family

Post your job for free and available tradesmen will contact you to quote.

Hire with confidence using our Homeowner Checklist

Check out our essential tips for hiring a local tradesperson.