Frequently Asked Questions

Using the VerifiedTrader Service

No. It is completely free for the consumer. There are no hidden charges.

Use our search facility to find the trade or service you need in your area. This will show up a list of businesses who work in your area.

Our stringent vetting and transparent monitoring system ensures that every business is recommended and works to a high standard. You can find details and reviews of their past work by clicking on their names. As every customer is different and each job unique, only you know what you are looking for. The reviews will highlight how each business has performed in areas such as time keeping or value for money.

You are now in a position to get quotes from several businesses that catch your eye. In the end, it might be availability or disposition that helps you choose between them. Whatever you decide to do, you know you are choosing a business that has made itself accountable to the public.

You should be told how to give feedback directly from the tradesperson before the work is done – this means feedback cannot be biased by only hearing from the “friendly” customers. Occasionally this gets forgotten, in which case you can click on the trade professionals page on our website and leave your feedback.

About Verified Trader Members

All applicants are pre-screened and told that they will be interviewed, vetted and monitored – and the results, good and bad, will be made public. This alone deters a lot of trades who know that they their service is substandard. We ensure that the trades and services know that we are a consumer information service and that we have to remain unbiased. Our procedures for handling negative comments and complaints are clearly explained.

Our Verified Trader trained staff assess the applicants suitability and will then arrange an interview. To pass our vetting procedure we request:

  • Qualifications – we require proof that the applicant is qualified to undertake their chosen profession (e.g. Gas Safe, Part P).
  • Insurance – we require proof that they hold Public Liability and combined insurance if they employ people.
  • Proof of address – we require proof of the company’s trading address in the form of a utility bill or credit check, dependant on the type of company.
  • Proof of company ownership and VAT numbers – we require proof of the company’s trading number – if Limited and we require to see proof of the company’s VAT number – if VAT registered.
  • Identification – we require photo identification (passport, driver’s licence etc).
  • Referees – We recommend that all new members supply at least 5 of their previous customers which we personally telephone to find out about their experience.
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics – we require the applicant to sign to agree to follow them.
  • Credit Check on Limited Companies – we perform a Credit Check on applicants that are Limited and Limited Liability Partnership companies to check their financial history.

In addition we look at length of experience and the company’s history as well as VAT and company legal status.

The content contained on the Website ( is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. Although Verified Trader makes reasonable efforts to update the information on the Website, please note that the content contained on the Website may be out of date at any given time and Verified Trader are under no obligation to update it.

We believe the person best placed to monitor our members is you, the customer.

As a customer you should receive a Verified Trader feedback card from the tradesperson. This card allows you the opportunity to give comments and scores out of ten across different areas of their workmanship and service. Please complete this card and follow the link on the card to leave your feedback.

This system allows us to publish reviews of how the trades and services perform, as well as to discuss with them the feedback they are getting. Your feedback is the very essence of Verified Trader – passing on word of mouth recommendations about the quality of tradespeople.

Providing your experience with a Verified Trader member has gone as expected, once we have received your feedback it will be reviewed and published within 2-5 working days.

It doesn’t happen often, but if you have been let down by a Verified Trader member we want to help. You can find out more about our process for resolving issues.

Your name and address is never published alongside your feedback. However, we do require you to fill in your contact details. Without a job reference number, your name, address and telephone number we cannot substantiate any claim or opinion about a tradesperson and we cannot operate on hearsay. Each month we aim to spot check and verify over 50% of feedback received. We may call or email you to verify the details you supply.

Our members remain independent businesses responsible for the work they each carry out. It is not possible for us to guarantee the quality of our members’ work or approve them as a trading association would. We are purely a market place, matching local people with local trades.

What we can guarantee is that Verified Trader members are recommended, vetted, and monitored. They pledge to uphold the Verified Trader Code of Conduct. This keeps the rogue trades away, the standard of work high, and each business accountable for its performance.

We also guarantee to publish all feedback – good and bad, as long as the customer has given us permission to contact the trader about the complaint and providing it’s not anonymous and in the absence of exceptional circumstances. This means that our members work well because their reputations are at stake: one sloppy job and they lose custom. Our system gives you peace of mind. You know what others have written about each business, and that it is in their interests to work to the best of their ability every time.

This is a rare event because our members know that unsatisfied customers will give poor scores and negative feedback which will be published on our website. If you do have reason to complain about the work of one of our members, then please Give Your Feedback or see how we can help with Resolving Issues.

Our staff personally process each feedback card. If the customer is happy for us to contact the trade or service, we take up any dissatisfaction directly with them, giving the trade or service the negative feedback and hearing their side of the story or rectify the situation.

Often issues that have arisen are due to unclear expectations or poor communication. Having contacted the business we usually find that the problems get resolved.

Read more about making a complaint.

We absolutely do. In the unlikely event that a business falls short of the Verified Trader Code of Conduct, its membership will be suspended. The reason that the vast majority of our trades and services work to a high standard is that our initial vetting is stringent, and the monitoring process puts their reputation and future work on the line.

Help Section

Our members promise to meet The Verified Trader Code of Conduct and agree to have feedback from their customers published online for all to see.

Before we publish negative feedback we like to give our members a chance to put the matter right. We have found that this usually results in a much better outcome for you.

It doesn’t happen very often, but if you have been let down by a Verified Trader member here’s how we can help:

Our Policy

  • Verified Trader encourage and recommend you to make all reasonable efforts to discuss your issues directly with the company concerned to see if a mutual resolution can be made.
  • Whilst Verified Trader will undertake a level of investigation, our aim is to remain impartial throughout, supporting where we can both parties to a reasonable resolution.
  • Verified Trader will contact the company to discuss your concerns as this encourages a resolution. If you do not wish for Verified Trader to contact the company we may be able to investigate the complaint but cannot publish your comments. Your complaint will be kept on record which will allow us to build up a picture of how the company conducts their business.
  • Verified Trader can only assist you with complaints about Verified Trader members (this includes any complaints up to a year prior to the company becoming a member).
  • The complaint must be within a 24 month period from the day the work was completed, or outside of this date range we can only review complaints if the guarantee or warranty is in place.
  • Appointment history is displayed on the website; all other pre-work reviews will be recorded internally.
  • If necessary, Verified Trader may ask for evidence of work carried out. In the absence of evidence we will be unable to publish the complaint.
  • Verified Trader will not publish anonymous comments or those from third parties.
  • If a satisfactory resolution is obtained, you are welcomed to decide whether you wish to continue with your original comments, to withdraw them or to submit new feedback.
  • We aim to respond to all Complaints within 24 hours.
  • We aim to publish all complaints within 1 week.
  • All feedback is published in order of date of work.
  • Any published complaints will not show the customers details, for example name and address.
  • Verified Trader reserves the right to edit comments for length, spelling or clarity. We will not publish names or abusive language.

In any event, please do still notify us of your experience. Your comments are important and will be recorded internally. This will help us build up a picture of this company and the way in which they conduct their business.

Our members are proud to be part of Verified Trader, and they stand by their work.


To show their commitment to service and quality, every single member has agreed to adhere to the Verified Trader Code of Conduct.


When joining Verified Trader we ask all of our tradespeople to follow these basic principles:

  • Be polite and courteous when dealing with homeowners and potential customers
  • Communicate clearly and completely what will be done, and when
  • Set clear timing of payments
  • Perform work to a high standard and adhere to the relevant industry standards
  • Deliver on what was agreed to be delivered
  • Deal with complaints promptly and professionally
  • Never demand cash payment
  • Never be verbally or physically abusive or threatening to a customer in any way
  • Not obtain work through cold calling
  • Create a satisfied customer